What are your products made of?
Our products are made of natural, 100% recyclable fiber cement. Fiber cement ingredients are: cement, powdered limestone, cellulose and synthetic fibers, water and air. Because fiber is combined with cement you get all the benefits of a durable concrete product without the weight.

How are your products made?
Our planters are hand formed and signed by individual artisans in Switzerland. Each piece is made using a regulated form so all products within a collection maintain the same thickness, dimensions and color, with slight natural variations to the pieces finish.

Can I use the products outdoors?
And if so how will it weather?
Our products are designed for outdoor use, but look great inside as well. The concrete like material withstands weather and is frost proof when used properly (no standing water). It resists heat, rain, and snow while still being light and fireproof. Decay and corrosion also cannot harm it.

The fiber cement material resists fading, and does not readily conduct heat (similar to a concrete product). Our products are also unaffected by salt water since there is no metal contained within the product, which means no rusting.

What colors do you offer?
Our standard colors are cement gray, and anthracite (a dark charcoal gray). Our square line products offer additional colors as noted per product. For customized color we offer the european RAL color system. Please note custom color orders require a minimum order, additional lead time and costs.

How do plants like your Fiber Cement material?
Fiber cements natural compounds allow plants to breathe and regulate their own moisture. Our planters help keep your plants safe and happy.

How do the products wear?
Our products are made to last. With proper care our planters will probably out last the life of your plant, and both planters and furniture have been know to maintain their integrity for over 50 years. Our cement gray color darkens slightly when wet, but returns to it’s natural gray color once dry; while our anthracite products retain their original color even when wet.

Do your planters have predrilled drain holes?
All our plant containers come with a predrilled drainage hole (which can be plugged for indoor usage). However, the fiber cement material allows you to drill customized drainage as needed. Every container also has a special water over-spill facility.

What types of plants can I use?
We carry planter types that work for deep and shallow rooted plants as well as clumping or running bamboo. Since our planters work for all types of weather you can plant perennial flowers in the east coast and cactus in the west.

Who designs your products?
Ever since Willy Guhl presented his beach chair over 50 years ago (in 1954), there have always been designers, who examined the design potential of fiber cement. Students at the renowned Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) recently experimented with this material with remarkable success. At the same time, well-known European designers are the basis for our current line of award winning planters and furniture.

Do you do custom pieces?
Yes we can have custom pieces made. Each custom order would require the cost of creating a master form as well as the individual pieces and will be quoted upon request.


Where do you ship your product from?
And how do you ship?
We warehouse and ship our product out of Los Angeles California. Most products are shipped via ground.

Where can you ship your products to?
We ship anywhere within the United States including Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico.

For shipping to Mexico we can ship to the USA boarder, but arrangements to cross the board must be made by receiving party.

What is the lead-time for getting product?
We keep a wide variety of stock available for immediate shipping (as seen on our website). Should a product be back ordered or special ordered from our catalogue product can take 8-12 weeks for final delivery.

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